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International Students

Visa Procedure

Your visa to study in Sri Lanka will be taken care by our student admissions staff at LPAE,

Once you have confirmed your acceptance and made relevant tuition fee payments to LPAE. Our admissions team will initiate paperwork through the TVEC to Department of Immigration and Emigration for a 2 year Student Visa (Resident Permit). This process generally takes from 2-3 weeks.

On arrival to Sri Lanka our team shall have the student complete the required paperwork and visa requirements.

Visa requirements, rules and restrictions

  1. Sufficient Funds : applicants would need to show Sri Lanka rupee equivalent of USD 2000 deposited to a Savings account opened under their name on arrival to Sri Lanka as proof of access to funds to cover living fees and other expenditure. This shall be shown during successive visa renewals.
  2. Residence permit is stamped for a duration of 1 year at a time and costs USD 125 per year
  3. Students are required to attend Full time studies and maintain at least 80 percent attendance
  4. Students are responsible to ensure visa renewal is organised through the school at least 30 days prior to expiry date. failure to obtain the renewal in time may force students to return to home country till the visa renewal paperwork is obtained.
  5. Students shall ensure they arrive to Sri Lanka with special entry permit obtained through the high commission, residence visa shall not be endorsed for students arriving on normal on arrival or online visitors visa.