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Become an Aircraft Engineer

HND in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

HND (Higher National Diploma) in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering approved by TVEC of Sri Lanka and in partnership with the University of South Wales, UK (Dubai Campus)

This is a 2 year study program which also incorporates a 4 month EASA certified practical-training element overseas with an EASA certified logbook; the training syllabus will mirror the EASA Part-66 syllabus.

Upon completion of this course the student will be given a choice between two options…

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Professional Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology

This is a specially designed course aimed at naturalizing engineering postgraduates into the world of aviation maintenance engineering. Lasting at most a year depending on the ability of the candidate to progress, there will be training in…

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Aircraft Sheet metal & Composite Repair Training

Aircraft Sheet metal and Composite Repair Training – Beginner Level / Advanced Level

The satisfactory performance of an aircraft requires continuous maintenance of aircraft structural integrity. It is important that metal structural repairs be made according to the best available techniques because improper repair techniques can pose an immediate or potential danger. The reliability of an aircraft depends on the quality of the design, as well as the workmanship used in making the repairs. The design of an aircraft metal structural repair is complicated by the requirement that an aircraft be as light as possible. If weight were not a critical factor, repairs could be made with a large margin of safety. In actual practice, repairs must be strong enough to carry all of the loads with the required factor of safety, but they must not have too much extra strength.

Target Group
Entry level technicians, engineers, inspectors involved in maintenance and repair of aircraft metal constructions
Basic English and general technical understanding is desired
Course will be held in an actual maintenance facility and every student is provided with materials and tools
2 – 3 weeks
Course Outline
During this training, the student will develop basic practical skills and understanding of sheet metal structure fabrication and repair. Upon completion of training the student will be able to assist experienced structures technicians in the aircraft line or base maintenance environment.
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