Embry-Riddle Graduate Certificate in Aviation (Asia-focus)

Course Overview

The Graduate Certificate in Aviation (Asia-focus) is a management program that focuses on the aviation industry in Asia. It consists of seven core courses and at least one elective course, to be conducted face-to-face in a classroom in Asian countries or using virtual reality, or online synchronous.

Airport, airline, air navigation service provider, aircraft management, banking & finance professionals learn to further operate and manage their aviation organization and to apply fundamental concepts to the global airline industry, with a particular emphasis on the Asia-Pacific Region.

Course Information

Airport Management-min

Airport Management

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Air Carrier, Passenger, and Cargo Management

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Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management-min

Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Aviation Applied Finance

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Applied Economics in Aviation-min

Applied Economics in Aviation

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Production and Procurement-min

Production and Procurement Management

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Strategic Aviation Marketing Management-min

Strategic Aviation Marketing Management

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Performance-management-managerial Accounting-min

(Elective ) Performance Management and Managerial Accounting Practices in Aviation

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