Programs of Study

Aircraft Mechanic Course – EASA Cat A1

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course, structured by Lanka Pacific Aviation & Engineering conducts a targeted job-training course included of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, of total 1-year period…

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BSc(Hons) in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – University of South Wales

Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – (University of South Wales Dubai Campus or UK)

This is a 2 year study program which also incorporates a practical-training/hand-skills element overseas with an EASA Part-147 approved location(s) along with an EASA standard logbook for all tasks; the training syllabus will mirror the EASA Part-66 syllabus…

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Embry-Riddle International Aviation Management

This course aims to give graduating students, as well as professionals already working in the aviation industry, an understanding of the global framework for international civil aviation…

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Embry-Riddle Aviation Cybersecurity

This course is one of four cybersecurity courses required for the Aviation Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate. This 3-day, 24-hour course is designed with a particular emphasis on the Asia-Pacific Region…

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Professional Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology

This is a specially designed course aimed at naturalizing engineering postgraduates into the world of aviation maintenance engineering. Lasting at most a year depending on the ability of the candidate to progress, there will be training in…

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