Higher Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
- EASA Cat B1.1 / B2


Two years of training with LPAE towards EASA Part-66* aircraft maintenance engineering license and OJT (On the Job Training) eligibility. This job-role is highly sought after by EASA Part-145 airlines/MROs outside of Sri Lanka. LPAE is an approved EASA Part-66 examination centre running sessions every 3 months. LPAE has an exemplary track record having now successfully supplied Sri Lankan trained engineers to EASA Part-145* organizations such as VAECO in Vietnam, Trans Maldivian Airways and Singapore Airlines Philippines with our internal students.

Our external students include Oman Airways technicians, HAECO HK, Sri Lankan Airlines, Qatar Airways and GAMCO who use as an exam/refresher course centre.

Course Structure:

The HD course consists of the following;

  1. Two years of theory training and internal exams in order to prepare for the EASA Part-66 examinations held at our centre in Moratuwa with EASA Part-66 logbook.
  2. Fourteen EASA Part-66 Knowledge Module examinations delivered by AMC 66 (www.amc66.com) of Netherlands.
  3. 3 to 4 months practical training with one of our overseas European Part-147 approved training facility. (choose your preference).
  4. Aircraft Sheet Metal & Composite Repair Training.


  • Students who have completed GCE O/Ls. Preferably GCE A/Ls (Local or London).
  • Working professionals who are keen to enter the fast growing field of Aviation.
  • Engineering students who would like to enter the field as soon as possible.

What is the Vocational Outcome of this course?

Candidates who successfully complete this course are eligible for OJT (On the Job Training) or AET (Actual Environment Training) with our industrial partner airlines/MROs such as Singapore Airlines (Philippines), VAECO (Vietnam) or Innovative Aviation India.  This course is specifically made to address the huge engineer/technician shortage experienced by the aviation industry outside Sri Lanka due to the rapid expansion of their aircraft fleets; LPAE successfully trains candidates for the industry standard license which is the EASA Part-66 license.

Once they have completed our course as well as several years of carefully monitored OJT/AET interning, they will be eligible for the following

  1. permanent employment by our partner airlines or a similar airline (EASA Part-145 airlines)
  2. applying for the coveted EASA Part-66  Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s license.

About us:

Lanka Pacific Aviation & Engineering Academy is an EASA Part-66 and Sri Lankan TVEC approved (No. A05880) aircraft maintenance engineering academy that specialises in the complete training of a student, from start to finish, for employment outside Sri Lanka in large airlines and aircraft maintenance organisations.  We have a range of industrial partners with our most recognised partner being Singapore Airlines Engineering Philippines (currently the world’s No.1 airline).  Please visit www.lpaavi.com to learn more about us.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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