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Based in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka and with satellite centres across Asia-Pacific, LPAE is a training and examinations delivery academy. It is the first institute to delivery EASA Part-66 exams in Sri Lanka and provides top-tier programs for both aspiring and working aviation professionals in different sectors of the industry.

LPAE strives to keep a finger on the beating pulse of the global market in order to supply world-class educational products to its students, whilst supplying world-class professionals to the international aviation industry – a win-win situation for everyone.

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Internships & Industrial Placements

LPAE is a gateway for aviation professionals into the global industry. We pride ourselves in our strong relationships to airlines, MROs and other vital pillars of the industry. Our partners trust us to supply world-class professionals trained with the most cutting-edge knowledge whilst our customers are always confident that our training will provide the best career pathways across the different continents.

Lanka Pacific Aviation & Engineering is focused on three main goals:

  1. Providing world-class training and examinations to aspiring aviation professionals
  2. Providing aviation professionals a robust pathway into the global industry by becoming a premier career gateway
  3. To establish the institute as a trusted supplier of fully-trained aviation engineers.
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What is EASA Part-66 Licensing?

In order to obtain a license from most countries, you need to to follow the EASA Part-66 route:-

We will assist all candidates with their licensing applications to our fullest abilities, however it must be stated that the final outcome is up to the relevant authority.

Once the local licensing authority qualifies a candidate for a license, converting licence from one country to another is a fairly straight forward procedure especially due to the extremely high demand for licensed aircraft engineers. This process usually requires the re-doing of a maximum of 1 to 2 EASA modules (usually Legislation, Module 10)

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