Internships & Industrial Placements

Lanka Pacific Aviation & Engineering is focused on three main strategic goals:

  1. Providing world-class training and examinations to aspiring aviation professionals
  2. Providing aviation professionals a robust pathway into the global industry by becoming a premier career gateway
  3. To establish the institute as a trusted supplier of world-class, fully-trained aviation engineers.

In order to achieve this, LPAE keeps strong industrial relationships and selects only the finest training programs for its students; a total excellence environment with no compromise. We are offering this program as a service so that adequately qualified professionals can find relevant opportunities in the aviation industry.

What can we facilitate?

a. One to Two years OJT (On the Job Training) industrial placements with MROs or airlines in Asia-Pacific , the Middle-East or European regions, depending on demand.

b. We will facilitate type training with OJT on popular platforms such as Airbus A320, A330, A350, Boeing 737, 777; we will be offering more platform options in the very near future.

c. Qualifying career pathways for individuals seeking the EASA Part-66 license; we will assist with licensing applications. (Please be aware that final licensing decision depends on relevant Competent Authority)

How to Apply? Follow These Steps

  1. Please send us your details by submitting the following information via this form.
  2. Await our reply; we will strive to get back to you as soon as possible.  Upon processing your initial enquiry we will determine a mode of communication (phone, Skype, WebEX, face-to-face interview if geographically convenient) if we find your profile relevant to our program.
  3. Once the case is assessed after the Initial Interview, we will determine strength of the application and you will be called for a Final Interview if successful.
  4. If Final Interview is also a success, we will begin your internship/OJT application if you are satisfied with the terms of the contract(s) available. 
  5. Your OJT/Internship will begin and your performance will be monitored closely by both the Quality Department of the corporate entity and also LPAE’s Quality staff.

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    We will not disclose or distribute an individual's personal information or CV without prior consent from that individual concerned.

    Please be aware that we are working according to the most current market demands for professionals and our final response will be based on the requirements of airlines and other aviation entities.  All applications are based on your merit ONLY and not on your personal/non-professional links to the industry.